Active Transportation

Planning for Madera County’s Active Future

Project Background and Overview


Active transportation is human-powered transportation that engages people in healthy physical activity while they travel from place to place. People walking, bicycling, using strollers, wheelchairs and mobility devices, skateboarding, and rollerblading are all forms of active transportation. Active transportation is meant to include all ages and abilities and supports connectivity to transit. Connecting walking and bicycle routes to schools is an important strategy to increasing levels of active travel and keeping kids healthy and independent.

The Madera County Transportation Commission’s (MCTC’s) Active Transportation Plan (ATP) will identify projects to make walking and biking in Madera County more comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. It is important to plan for a future transportation system that will accommodate growth, enhance circulation, and provide mobility and accessibility for users of all transportation modes. Encouraging and building infrastructure for safe access to active transportation modes will also have the benefit of fostering health and fitness in the burgeoning population.

What’s Involved

An ATP is a roadmap for developing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, with an emphasis on promoting walking and bicycling as viable transportation options and fostering a practical, safe, and enjoyable environment. The ATP will provide an overall vision for the future of walking and biking in Madera County with specific policies and programs to achieve the desired vision. The plan will be shaped by the feedback and values of the residents and communities participating in the planning process.

Why MCTC is Preparing an ATP

To enhance cycling for recreation as well as commuting and to coordinate previous plans and projects to ensure development of a consistent and balanced active transportation system throughout Madera County. The ATP is an important step to increase walking and biking activities throughout the Madera Region. Development of active transportation strategies and prioritization of active transportation corridors helps position the Madera Region for future grant opportunities and funding for infrastructure improvements.

Plan Development Process


The Plan will include the following key considerations:

•   WHAT is the Region’s vision for the future bicycle and pedestrian network?
•   WHERE and what are the trends in bicycle-auto and pedestrian-auto collisions?
•   WHERE is existing bicycling and walking activity occurring?
•   WHERE do gaps in the existing network create barriers to biking and walking in Madera County?
•   HOW can Madera County better serve all ages for bicycling and walking activities?
•   WHAT facilities or programs would best meet the communities’ needs and support the largest “mode shift” to bicycling and walking?

Additional Information and Project Documents

•   Frequently Asked Questions
•   Project Fact Sheet
•   Project Fact Sheet – En Español
•   MCTC ATP Baseline Report
•   Bicycle/Pedestrian Survey – English and Español
•   ATP Stakeholder Advisory Committee Workshop Presentation 8.15.17
•   MCTC Complete Streets Workshop Handbook 8.15.17
•   MCTC Complete Streets White Paper Public Review Draft 8.15.17

Please note that the Draft Active Transportation Plan (ATP) does not approve any specific bicycle or pedestrian projects for construction or funding.  The ATP is a comprehensive guide that creates a vision for a network of trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, and other elements to support safe walking and bicycling.  The Madera Regional ATP is an important document that will assist each jurisdiction in the County in identifying needed bicycle and pedestrian projects and help the agencies qualify for new funds to implement the projects.

•   DRAFT MCTC Active Transportation Plan 4.10.18
•   DRAFT Negative Declaration/Initial Study for MCTC Active Transportation Plan 4.10.18 
•   Notice of Intention to Adopt a Negative Declaration/Notice of Availability for MCTC ATP
•   ATP Public Hearing Notice

ATP Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting April 23, 2018

MCTC ATP and Negative Declaration Public Hearing for Adoption is on May 23, 2018 at 3:00 p.m.



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