San Joaquin Valley Blueprint

What is the Valley Blueprint?  The San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planning Process is a chance to plan for the future of transportation and land use in the San Joaquin Valley to the Year 2050.

What will the Blueprint Planning Process do?  Planning issues do not exist in a vacuum.  Transportation and land use are intertwined; these issues also affect housing, employment centers, and air quality.  The San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planning Process will enable the region to better understand that what we do locally affects the entire region.

Why should we plan for the Future?  The San Joaquin Valley is a special place.  It has a rich, diverse population; communities that blend rural calm with urban amenities; and an unrivaled agricultural economy.  These qualities also mean the region will grow. In the next 45 years, the Valley will more than double in population from 3.3 million to more than 7 million.  With this growth comes many challenges.  Where should we grow? How will we grow?  The San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planning Process provides an opportunity to work together to answer these questions.

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Blueprint Roadmap Documents 

  • San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planners Toolkit (external link) - Click Here
  • SJV Blueprint Planning Process Summary Report (9/2010) - Click Here
  • Guidance Framework (8/31/11) - Click Here
  • Appendix B: Institutional Arrangements Whitepaper: Profiles and Options for the San Joaquin Valley (7/25/11) - Click Here

Regional Blueprint

San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Brochure - April 2009 Update

Valley-wide Alternative Scenario Maps (pdfs)

•Recent Trends (Base Case)
•Locally Selected Scenarios
•Hybrid Scenario

Valley-wide Alternative Scenario Data (.xls format)

Madera County Blueprint

Madera County Blueprint Report - August 2008

Blueprint PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)

Madera County Alternative Scenario Maps:

•Status Quo
•Low Change (Locally Preferred Scenario)
•Moderate Change
•Major Change

Performance Indicators

Madera Blueprint Alternative Parameters

Oakhurst Blueprint Meeting

Polling Results

During the week of February 21, 2007, the Madera County Transportation Commission hosted three visioning workshops for the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint. Using state of the art polling technology, participants gathered in Madera, Oakhurst and Chowchilla to voice their concerns about future growth in Madera County to the year 2050.

Click here to access DRAFT polling results for Madera County (pdf)

MCTC’s Blueprint Vision Statement

Revised San Joaquin Valley Partnership Vision for Madera County based upon Blueprint Values:

Madera County will be composed of unique cities, communities and a diverse population that is supported by a vibrant economy, a healthy and sustainable environment and public safety, accomplished through a land use and transportation system that supports livable communities and interregional coordination and connectivity, while preserving agricultural and natural resources.

1.      Environmental  Health and Sustainability
     Rational stewardship of environmental resources to provide the highest quality of life
     Protection from and prevention of potential environmental health threats

2.      Vibrant Economy 
     A healthy, independent, and sustainable economy that benefits all citizens

3.      Public Safety
     Provision of effective and sustainable public services and community design

4.      World Class Education 
     Provision of a breadth and depth of educational opportunities that challenge
     each student and trains the leaders of tomorrow

5.      Transportation Options 
     A variety of options available to all income, age and cultural groups

6.      Housing Choices
     A variety of options available to all income, age and cultural groups

7.      All People Have Worth 
     Respect for all people that truly reflects equal opportunity

8.      Aesthetic Quality 
     Well-designed buildings with character

9.      Cultural Richness
     Activities, structures, and districts that enrich religious, cultural, social
     and economic development

10.   Positive Image
     Promoting and experiencing creative, innovative, and viable communities and region

Click here to download the Values and Purpose Statements (pdf)

Blueprint Video

For further information on the San Joaquin Blueprint Planning Process, please view this brief informational video.


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