Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

The Madera County Transportation Commission (MCTC) is requesting proposals from qualified consultants for:

  • SB-1 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant: State Route 233 (Robertson Boulevard) Corridor Planning Study; and
  • SB-1 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant Chowchilla Multimodal Transportation Implementation Plan, Truck and Signage Studies

RFP for SB-1 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant: State Route 233 (Robertson Boulevard) Corridor Planning Study and SB-1 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant: Chowchilla Multimodal Transportation Implementation Plan, Truck and Signage Studies

 Addendum #1

Response to Pre-proposal Questions

Is the Madera CTC requesting proposals to complete both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 tasks, or just the Phase 1 tasks at this time? 

The proposal should include estimates for both phases of the project.

Should our proposal separate the City of Chowchilla’s tasks?

Yes, the proposal should specify budget per task, including the tasks requested by the City of Chowchilla.  

What are the estimated budget/grant funding amounts?

MCTC is planning on using its SB-1 Sustainable Communities Grant Formula funding estimated at $333,266 plus a minimum local match of $43,178 for a total of $376,444 to fund both phases of the project. The estimate for the City of Chowchilla grant is $24,850 for both studies.

Has the MCTC Project Manager been assigned? If yes, who is the assigned PM?

The MCTC Project Manager for this project will be Evelyn Espinosa, Associate Regional Planner. Contact information: or (559) 675-0721.

Which City of Chowchilla departments and staff will be assigned to work with MCTC’s consultant?

MCTC will be working closely with the City of Chowchilla Public Works Department. The Project Manager is Celeste Grey, Administrative Analyst. Contact information: or (559) 665-8615 x 308.

Land use guidance and development standards are not described in the RFP scope of work, but could conceivably be part of a Downtown Master Plan. What is MCTC’s vision for this effort beyond the street environment?

MCTC expects to incorporate the City of Chowchilla’s Land Use Element and their Downtown Design Guidelines into the Corridor Study as well as any other pertinent guiding document that would enhance the multi-modal capabilities of the study limits.

Please clarify the level of analysis expected for the corridor study area as a whole and for the downtown emphasis area.

The corridor analysis should take into consideration the region’s Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Community Strategy goals, Caltrans’ Smart Mobility Framework, 2018 ATP regional Connectivity goals, the City of Chowchilla Downtown Guidelines, integrated with and any other pertinent guiding documents that would make this project fulfill the SB-1 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant goals, the stakeholder and community goals, and to arrive at a conceptual design of a well-designed multi-modal facility in the future.  Also included will be a projects implementation matrix and all relevant information necessary for the City of Chowchilla’s Signage and Truck Studies.

The sample cost table provided in Section VIII.J. Project Costs is not organized in a way that would show total proposed cost by task and by employee, as we requested. Can we adjust the format of this table?

Yes, the cost table can be adjusted. The sample costs table in Section VIII.J. is for reference purposes.

Can you clarify MCTC’s expectations for DBE involvement?

If subconsultants are going to be used, the consultant needs to submit DBE Information Participation or Bidder/Proposer DBE Good Faith Efforts Documentation as discussed in the RFP. More information about the DBE Policy and form numbers is included in the RFP Section I and H, respectively.

The Project Timeline in the RFP identifies funding available for each sub-task. Is the grant funding and local cash match tied explicitly to the scope of work at the sub-task level? Should we consider the total amount to be the amount potentially available to a Consulting team?

Funding is not tied to the scope of work at the sub-task level. The amounts per task shown in the timeline are for reference and estimate purposes only. Yes, the amount shown is planned to be available to perform all the tasks. If additional funding is needed, the consultant will need to document and explain, including any additional suggested activity that would benefit the project.

Proposals are due and must be received by 3:00 pm at the Madera County Transportation office at 2001 Howard Road, Suite 201, Madera, CA 93637 on January 28, 2019.

Please express interest in submitting proposals to prior to the RFP deadline.

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